Tay Ho is considered “Foreigner district”, where most foreigners choose to live in Hanoi. The amount of foreigners moving here is increasing day by day. That also means there’s a lot of foreigners looking for a good apartment to rent in the coming time. And that is a great opportunity for apartment owners.

How do you make Korean and Japanese tenants choose your apartment instead of the others? How much is a reasonable rental fee? Many apartment owners are struggling with such questions.

To answers those questions, Maison Premier in cooperation with Sen Vang group, ABLE, JYSK Viet Nam and Hanoia together organized the meeting “solution for Korean and Japanese tenants around Tay Ho area” on September 8th at Sheraton Hotel.

At the meeting, the owners got many useful answers such as “how to get higher rental fee from tenants? How to attract Korean and Japanese tenants?” from famous vendors who have a lot of experience in housing industry.

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